Plant Engineering

Autoclaved Aerated Concrete - Plant Engineering

MHE-International's Division of Plant Engineering is using systems from HESS, Wehrhan, Masa-Henke and other well known AAC machine supplier.

MHE International is providing service for New or Existing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) plants. 

For new Plants:

Feasibility studies

  • Analyse the Market for new Plant
  • Analyse the right location (to Market and to Raw material Supply) 
  • Investigate and Analyse the Raw materials
  • Investigate and Analyse the existing Energy-supply 
  • Supply financial efficiency Calculation

Plant engineering

  • Creating an AAC machine Tender package based on required Output and Product range 
  • Design and Engineer based on the machinery the Facility including infrastructure and Storage area
  • Create full Permit Set  (mechanical, electrical, arcitectural and structural)

Supply of AAC plants

  • Design and planning of machine layout and placement
  • Delivery of machinery and equipment
  • Erection and commissioning

Civil works

  • Create a construction schedule and timeline
  • Provide full time project managers and Superintended for all Civil, mechanical, electrical and construction works 
  • Manage and coordinate all subcontractors 

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For existing Plants

License and know-how transfer

  • Production know-how
  • Marketing know-how
  • Application services

Training for Applicators

  • Train Applicators in using correctly AAC Block and/or Panel, including training of calculating and estimating Installation jobs

Training for Architects

  • Teach Architects to proper Design AAC projects with all additional Components (windows, doors and others)
  • Provide them with all relevant DWG Details

Training for Engineers

  • Teach Engineers to proper structural Design AAC projects with all additional substructural Components
  • Provide them with MHE designed structural Design Software

Sales and Marketing Service:

  • Logo Development, Full service website solutions; shopping carts and search engine optimization (SEO), Brochure Development (online and hard-copy)
  • Training Sales staff
  • Providing a Trainings and Schooling manual for Sales staff
  • Educating local Municipality of usage for AAC for there local Building codes
  • Provide sample models and sample mockup Buildings and other AAC application mockups

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