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MHE International participated at the 6th International Conference on Autoclaved Aerated Concrete in Potsdam Germany. Existing AAC manufactures and AAC machine suppliers and potential Investors participated from all over the world the Conference. Weeks before the start date, the conference was sold out. MHE as an international Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Consultant was meeting important suppliers for their current projects. MHE International is consulting AAC Plants in USA, Canada, Tunisia, Morocco, Middle East, South East Asia and Europe.

Currently MHE-International is consulting an investor from Kyrgyzstan, who decided to invest in an AAC plant with a daily capacity of 600cbm with a reinforcement line. This conference was the best opportunity to meet all important suppliers for the future AAC facility. AAC is also known as Aircrete, lighweight concrete, or cellular concrete, but the technical word remains still Autoclaved Aerated Concrete. 


MHE International is providing service for New or Existing Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) plants. 

For new Plants:

Feasibility studies

  • Analyse the Market for new Plant
  • Analyse the right location (to Market and to Raw material Supply) 
  • Investigate and Analyse the Raw materials
  • Investigate and Analyse the existing Energy-supply 
  • Supply financial efficiency Calculation

Plant engineering

  • Creating an AAC machine Tender package based on required Output and Product range 
  • Design and Engineer based on the machinery the Facility including infrastructure and Storage area
  • Create full Permit Set  (mechanical, electrical, arcitectural and structural)

Supply of AAC plants

  • Design and planning of machine layout and placement
  • Delivery of machinery and equipment
  • Erection and commissioning

Civil works

  • Create a construction schedule and timeline
  • Provide full time project managers and Superintended for all Civil, mechanical, electrical and construction works 
  • Manage and coordinate all subcontractors 

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For existing Plants

License and know-how transfer

  • Production know-how
  • Marketing know-how
  • Application services

Training for Applicators

  • Train Applicators in using correctly AAC Block and/or Panel, including training of calculating and estimating Installation jobs

Training for Architects

  • Teach Architects to proper Design AAC projects with all additional Components (windows, doors and others)
  • Provide them with all relevant DWG Details

Training for Engineers

  • Teach Engineers to proper structural Design AAC projects with all additional substructural Components
  • Provide them with MHE designed structural Design Software

Sales and Marketing Service:

  • Logo Development, Full service website solutions; shopping carts and search engine optimization (SEO), Brochure Development (online and hard-copy)
  • Training Sales staff
  • Providing a Trainings and Schooling manual for Sales staff
  • Educating local Municipality of usage for AAC for there local Building codes
  • Provide sample models and sample mockup Buildings and other AAC application mockups

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